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The following rates are for guidance only. If you wish to request a detailed estimate, please send the form on the Contact page specifying the characteristics of the assignment.

ENGLISH-SPANISH translation (expressed in €/word of the source text)

  • -General translation ........... 0,05
  • -Specialised translation ..... 0,07

CHINESE-SPANISH translation (expressed in €/character of the source text)

  • -General translation ........... 0,07
  • -Specialised translation ..... 0,09

Revision: fees for a translated document will be based on translation fees: between 40% and 60% of the corresponding translation fee. The exact percentage for revision will be fixed in accordance with the amount of work necessary to obtain a quality product.

Please note that the above listed rates may change according to the characteristics of the assignment:

Urgency: plus 40%.
Indirect translation (the target language being English or Mandarin Chinese): plus 30%.